Leaders Share Creative Ideas to Spark Class Participation and Attendance

During a Leader Meeting hosted by the Regional Arthritis Centers, several leaders shared creative ideas they used in class to spark class participation and attendance.  Here are a few to get your creative wheels spinning:

  • Give participants invitations to the class to give out to their friends, family, at the grocery store, at church, etc.
  • Give health providers a Pass or Coupon to give to their patients
  • Offer a free class or a prize to participants who bring a friend
  • Offer a weekly or monthly family activity before, during or after class and encourage participants to bring their family members
  • Give prizes to participants who attend every class
  • Use a roaming trophy (i.e. can of spinach) in the class as an incentive if you don't have prizes to give away
  • Have a health challenge in class or between neighboring classes
  • Create volunteer opportunities in class (i.e. greeter, social organizer, calendar keeper, attendance taker, etc.)
  • Bring a participant to a leader event
  • Take a class picture yearly

Now it's time to share your creative ideas! Post your ideas by adding a comment to this blog. 

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