Is Fibro the Cause?

To raise awareness about Fibromyalgia, an often misdiagnosed, musculoskeletal pain condition that affects up to six million Americans, the American Pain Foundation (APF) is piloting Is Fibro the Cause? awareness project in Missouri.  APF is working with community and state-based alliance groups, including the Missouri Regional Arthritis Centers, and fibro advocates to disseminate a new Is Fibro the Cause? manual.  Not only does the manual include helpful tips and resources on how to recognize Fibromyalgia's sings and symptoms, but also provides a worksheet to help track symptoms and facilitate communication with healthcare providers.

As a leader, you can get FREE copies of the Is Fibro the Cause? manual for your class participants by contacting your Regional Arthritis Center.  You can also download a PDF version of the manual at APF's website.  Download Fibromyalgia Talking Points as an additional resource to share with your participants.

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