Help Protect Health Services

The Arthritis Foundation is asking us all to join in protecting health care services.  A Congressional "Super Committee" has been tasked with finding ways to cut government spending.  While this is a necessary and difficult project for these committee members, it is important that we speak up and ask for the protection of essential health care services which impact the way we live.  Read the Advocacy Alert in full and make a call by Tuesday, October 18 to help protect your health!


Call 1-866-414-6376 to reach your U.S. Representative. You will hear a pre-recorded message. Enter your zip code using the numbers on your touch-tone phone. You will be connected to your Congressperson’s

Call 1-866-414-7494 to reach your U.S. Senators. Again, you will hear a pre-recorded message and will need to enter your zip code. You will then be asked whether you want your call to go to your state’s junior Senator or your senior Senator. After making your selection, your call will be directed to the appropriate office. You should make a phone call to each Senator’s office.

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