CDSMP Leader Refresher Workshop Materials (2012)

Please find below electronic copies of the materials that were in each leader folder for the CDSMP Leader Refresher Workshop held in March 2012.  All materials are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.  If you need to access these in a different format, please contact us at [email protected].

CDSMP Fidelity and Quality Assurance Tips

Roots Project Description

Roots Project – Why CDSMP?

Roots Project – Draft Outline

Roots Project – Save the Date

Tips for Creating Charts

Participant Recruitment and Referral Tips

Ambassador Job Description

Other MAOP Evidence-Based Program Interventions

Tips for Hosting CDSMP Zero Sessions

Action Plan Marketing Tool (DOC for manipulating)

Lessons Learned from CDSMP Leaders (New 03/29/2012!)

Marketing Strategies from CDSMP Leaders (New 03/29/2012!)

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