May is Arthritis Action Month

The month of May is celebrated as Arthritis Action Month nationally.  This month-long observance is an opportunity to take action to change the course of arthritis, whether it directly or indirectly impacts you and those you love.  There are many ways that you can take action, including:

  • Educate yourself and others about arthritis
  • Talk to your health care provider about arthritis symptoms/pain
  • Learn about the ABCs and 123s of arthritis
  • Donate for more research and program availability
  • Engage in social media outlets to spread the word about the impact of arthritis #ArthritisAction #GoBlue4Arthritis
  • Participate in self-management and physical activity interventions (or encourage others to learn about them!)

As the month continues, take time to educate yourself and others on something new that you've learned about arthritis.  Read new articles and materials that can help you understand a bit more about why self-management skills and physical activity is so important to helping improve the lives of individuals with arthritis. 

And, most importantly, don't let the end of May be a stopping point for taking action against the course of arthritis!

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