Our Classes
The following podcasts feature interviews with class leaders and trainers talking about what you can expect from participating in an MAOP course.

PODCAST: Self Management Programs

PODCAST: Chronic Disease Self Management

PODCAST: Spanish Chronic Disease Self Management

The Ambassador Program

The following podcasts feature Regional Arthritis Center leader Orvie Prewitt and ambassadors Brad Ellis and Maggie Anderson talking about the program, how it works, why it works and how to get involved.

PODCAST: Orvie Prewitt, RAC Leader, on the Ambassador Program 

PODCAST: Brad Ellis, CDSMP Ambassador Program

PODCAST: Maggie Anderson, CDSMP Ambassador Program


The following podcasts highlight ways the MAOP works to sustain its programs and get other organizations involved.  

PODCAST: Referral, with Beth Richards, MAOP Director

PODCAST: Community Support, with Beth Richards, MAOP Director


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