Programs Implemented Help Individuals and Communities

The Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program (MAOP) offers three self-management programs and two physical activity programs throughout the state.  Each of these programs has the potential to not only help individuals who complete the courses, but also reaches out to entire communities.

One of the programs offered in Missouri, the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, has been making an impact within the VA Medical Center in Kansas City. 

In the Spring of 2012, KC VAMC adopted the CDSMP program, and has hit the ground running with introducing the program to its community.  KC VAMC and the CDSMP program were highlighted in the Summer 2012 issue of HealthPOWER! prevention news.  To access the article, please click on this link and see pages 15-16 for the story "HPDP Bright Spot: VISN 15 Implements Chronic Disease Self-Management Program".

Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently highlighted that 6 of 10 adults get their physical activity by walking.  The article, which can be read in full on the CDC website here, identifies that even though walking is a common form of physical activity for adults, less than half of all adults are getting the appropriate amount of physical activity to have the necessary health benefits. 

The two physical activity programs offered by MAOP include the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program and Walk With Ease.  Both programs offer adults the opportunity to receive support and structure while participating in a group setting (or, alternately, as an individual for Walk With Ease) and engaging in physical activity.

For a complete list of courses offered in the state of Missouri, please see courses available in your region.  If a course isn't listed in your area, contact your region's Regional Arthritis Center (RAC) coordinator to be put on a wait list or to begin a group. You can also contact your RAC coordinator if you are an organization who would like to look into adopting one or more of MAOP's self-management education programs offered in Missouri.

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