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Missouri’s Sustainability Toolkit Provides Resource to Individuals and Groups Working for Healthy Communities

Implementing self-management education programs to aid individuals with chronic health conditions, and their caregivers, can be a key step toward healthy Missouri communities.  The Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program (MAOP), along with many partners and stakeholders across the state, developed a sustainability toolkit to assist self-management education providers in program efforts. 

Missouri’s Sustainability Toolkit: Self-Management Education Programs for People with Chronic Conditions is a resource including ten key planning areas, each with its own strategies for success.  Critical issues are explored through these areas: revenue, marketing, referral networks, competition, service operations, evaluation, organizational support, community support, advocacy and resource linkages.

Providers of self-management education programs may already be aware that “[s]uccessful management of chronic conditions is achieved through the combination of a prepared, proactive medical care team and an informed, motivated patient. Neither alone can reliably produce improved health outcomes.” (MAOP, 2012)

Keeping this in mind, individuals and groups who utilize the toolkit can determine which one or two of the ten key planning areas are a top priority for their community.  Missouri’s Sustainability Toolkit is designed to help self-management education providers develop a personalized Growth Action Plan in order to clearly communicate prioritized strategies for sustaining their program efforts.

Missouri’s Sustainability Toolkit and more information on this project can be found on the MAOP website at The toolkit is available for full download.

Self-Management Courses:

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: group format; six-week course; topics include – techniques for managing problems associated with chronic conditions, use of medications, communication with health care providers, nutrition, and setting goals.
  • Tomando Control de su Salud: group format; six-week course; Spanish version of CDSMP; topics include – use of the health care system, healthy eating, communication with health care providers, appropriate exercises, and setting goals.
  • The Arthritis Toolkit: independent format; six-week structure; topics include – self-management of arthritis-specific conditions.

Physical Activity Courses:

  • Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program: group format; six-week or year round course; topics include – range-of-motion, flexibility, strengthening, balance and endurance-building activities.
  • Walk With Ease: group or independent formats; six-week course; topics include – pain management, developing a daily walking routine, and warming up/cooling down.

To learn more about Missouri’s Sustainability Toolkit, contact your Regional Arthritis Center by calling the toll-free line: 1-888-702-8818 or by using contact information on the MAOP website (  Find out more about MAOP’s evidence-based programs by checking out our Facebook page at



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