April 3 – National Walking Day 2013!

The American Heart Association is encouraging us all to get up and move on April 3, 2013.  National Walking Day helps raise awareness of the need for physical activity, as well as to lead healthier lifestyles.  The main goal of this day is for us all to walk for at least thirty minutes.  If you aren't sure how you will fit thirty minutes of walking in, consider walking ten minutes, three times that day.  If you are unable to walk, strive to get thirty minutes of other physical activity and/or to encourage friends and family members to get out and move!

If you're nervous about walking for thirty minutes, or aren't sure where to start when considering a walking routine, the Walk With Ease program may be helpful!  This program, offered all around the state of Missouri, is offered in both group and individual formats.  It provides support, information, and tools to make walking a regular part of your life; and, it helps build you up to at least 30 minutes of walking.  The program will also help you learn how to warm-up, cool-down, and stretch when walking.  To learn more about the Walk With Ease program, please click here.  If you are interested in finding a Walk With Ease opportunity near you (group class or independent program), please contact your local Regional Arthritis Center.

For more information on National Walking Day and how you can make this day a part of your community, please view more information here.  You can register on behalf of your employer, or register as part of a community organization or individual.

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