Updated and Added Forms/Documents

The following forms have been updated on the website with the latest Arthritis Foundation version:

  • The AF Program Co-Sponsorship Agreement form
  • The AF Leader Certification form
  • The AF Leader/Instructor Training Workshop Application form (previously was just for Walk With Ease courses)


The following Arthritis Foundation forms/documents have been added to the website:

  • AF Leader/Instructor Statement of Understanding
  • AF Exercise Program – Instructor Position Description
  • AF Exercise Program – Trainer Position Description

Please use these new forms, found in the left hand column under Leader
Forms – Courses as well as under Leader Forms – Trainings, for all AF programs you lead workshops or trainings in.  If you have any questions
about this form, or any of the other paperwork required for implementing
MAOP's interventions, please contact your RAC directly.

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