Fighting Arthritis Pain?

If you or someone you know has arthritis, you may know all too well the impact that pain can have.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the main focuses of treating or managing arthritis is in fact to control that pain.  While there are many different forms of treatment for arthritis pain, there have been some studies which have shown the benefits of massage.  The Arthritis Foundation (AF) provides some information behind these studies and discusses the benefits of massage.  For some people with arthritis, massage can be used as a natural or alternative treatment for pain. 

Next Wednesday, September 18, the Arthritis Foundation and Massage Envy Spa are partnering together for their annual event – Healing Hands for Arthritis.  $10 from every one-hour massage and facial session on this date will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation.  Request an appointment here or click here to learn more about the event.

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While massage may be a good form of treatment for some of us, it is not beneficial for all of us.  A good reminder from the Arthritis Foundation is that "Massage should make your arthritis pain and stiffness feel better, not worse."  Always talk with your health care practitioner before starting any new treatments, as well as to share changes in your health (i.e., increased pain).

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