Preventing Falls and Fall-Proofing your home

Fall-Proofing your home

With so many falls occurring at home, one must take the precaution in fall-proofing their homes. Many of the falls that occur can be prevented if one took steps to proof both the inside and outside. National Institute of Health Senior Health’s website list some tips and steps to help fall-proof your home:

  • remove or avoid safety hazards
  • improve lighting
  • install handrails and grab bars
  • move items to make them easier to reach


There are also tips and videos available on the website for your viewing pleasure.


What you should do if you fall?

In the previous post regarding falls prevention we informed you about the steps you can take to prevent a fall, but falls can still occur. This post is to inform you about what should you do if your loved one has fallen, or you yourself have fallen. According to National Institute of Health Senior Health’s website they provide steps one should take is they have fallen. The first steps is to stay calm because a fall can be startling and fearful, but the quicker you panic the worse the situation can become.


 NIH’s How to Get Up From A Fall

  1. Remain still on the floor or ground for a few moments. This will help you get over the shock of falling.
  2. Decide if you're hurt before getting up. Getting up too quickly or in the wrong way could make an injury worse.
  3. If you think you can get up safely without help, roll over onto your side.
  4. Rest again while your body and blood pressure adjust. Slowly get up on your hands and knees, and crawl to a sturdy chair.
  5. Put your hands on the chair seat and slide one foot forward so that it is flat on the floor. Keep the other leg bent so the knee is on the floor.
  6. From this kneeling position, slowly rise and turn your body to sit in the chair.

If you're hurt or can't get up on your own, ask someone for help or call 911. If you're alone, try to get into a comfortable position and wait for help to arrive.

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