September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month- How you can prevent falls?

       As our parents, loved ones, and we continue to grow older in age, we are worried about their/our safety, especially when living alone. In particular, falls are a huge risk for older people with physical and mobile problems. With risks for bone fractures, breaks, and possible death, we need to go to great lengths to prevent falls from happening. September is Falls Prevention month, and Missouri has events going on for caretakers, elderly, and those who are concerned about their loved ones well-being.    

   Research shows that every 15 seconds, an older adult is seen for a fall-related injury in the emergency room. The National Council of Aging has released an educational flyer about the 6 steps individuals can use to help prevent falls.


A downloadable link for the flyer is available.

Look forward to other posts regarding Fall Awareness month and National Falls Prevention Awareness Day (September 22, 2013) in the coming weeks


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