Why do you walk?

With temperatures across much of Missouri being in the mid-upper 70s for the high tomorrow, Saturday, September 14, and scattered rain holding off until the early part of next week, it's the perfect weather for walking! 

Watch the video below from Everybody Walk! to find out great reasons for finding a space to walk (indoors or outdoors) on a regular basis each week.

Take some time this weekend to walk around your block, down the street, at a local school track, in a park, on a nature trail, or in a mall.  Then, let us know why you walk!

Fall is a great time to start new routines for increasing or improving physical activity.  Have you heard of the Walk With Ease program offered throughout the state in group and individual formats?  The program helps individuals build up to at least 30 minutes of consecutive walking over the period of 6 weeks.  This program offers support, information and tools to help you make walking a regular part of your life.  You'll learn how to warm-up and stretch before you walk and cool-down and stretch after you have finished walking.  You'll also learn how to safely pace yourself and monitor your progress.  To learn more about the program, to register for an upcoming group course, or to sign-up for the individual program, please contact your local Regional Arthritis Center (RAC) Coordinator. 

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the walking weather!

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