Course/Training Paperwork Updated

Hopefully at this point you all have attended an update training on the paperwork necessary for leading all MAOP courses (Leaders/Instructors) and/or leading MAOP Leader Trainings (Master Trainers).  All of the new paperwork is located in the left column under "Paperwork for Courses" (for Leaders and Master Trainers) and "Paperwork for Trainings" (for Master Trainers). 

Previously, the paperwork was all listed out individually and then there was a form to help you find what paperwork you needed for each intervention.  The format of paperwork has been changed to per intervention.  For example, if you are a Walk With Ease-Group leader, you would just need to click on "Walk With Ease – Group" under "Paperwork for Courses" and you would have access to all paperwork needed for leading that program.

If you have questions about any of the paperwork, or need assistance, please contact your local Regional Arthritis Center Coordinator.

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