Getting Physical Activity . . . Indoors

It's been a cold few weeks here in Missouri.  As most of the state has seen temperatures that barely broke 20 today (with windchills 20 below zero this morning and overnight), it's just downright cold.  When it's cold like this, it can be hard to find motivation to do much of anything.  When you don't have to leave the house, days like today keep you cooped up inside.  But, as winter shows no sign of leaving anytime soon, hibernating can prevent us from getting our recommended physical activity (CDC). 

So, with Mother Nature limiting the amount of time we want to spend outdoors, how can we still get physical activity indoors? 

One suggestion would be to go to a local community center, recreation facility, or gym.  This isn't an option in all communities though and the cost of these facilities may be prohibitive to many of us. If you want to get physical activity indoors outside of your home, it's time to get creative!  What are some locations that you could utilize for moving indoors?  Some suggestions include a local mall, shopping center, a grocery store, or your living room.  Take one of our low to no-cost physical activity programs!

If you have exercise equipment in your home, this is another option to staying inside.  Again, cost may be a factor here.  The nice thing is, we have all of the exercise equipment we need, at no to a very minimal cost.  In fact, it is likely all of this equipment is already in our homes.  Go4Life recommends doing exercise in four areas: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Here are some suggestions for at-home exercises in all four areas:

  • Endurance: March in place during commercials, turn on some music and dance, walk up and down stairs in your home.
  • Strength: Lift canned goods or water bottles of equal weight (or if you just have one, do one side of your body and then the other), use a rolled towel for resistance for leg strengthening exercises.
  • Balance: Use furniture to help stabilize yourself, do heel-to-toe walks.
  • Flexibility: Stretch – just need yourself!

To learn more about working out indoors, check out resources below.  And, no matter what you do, just keep moving!

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