Need Relief from Pain?

Do you struggle with chronic pain?  While the majority of us experience pain for a limited amount of time, usually associated with a specific event (fall, sporting injury, overuse, poor body mechanics), there are many who experience pain on a regular basis.  Persons with arthritis often experience chronic pain near inflamed or damaged joints.  Like other chronic health conditions, chronic pain can affect your quality of life and impact your daily routine.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint where your pain is and/or why you are experiencing chronic pain.

A new resource, PainSpot, may help individuals with chronic pain identify their source of pain, more clearly describe their symptoms of pain to their health care provider, and identify potential causes of their pain.  When you go to, you can identify as a male or female, identify the spot(s) where you feel pain, and answer questions about this pain.  Upon doing so, several possible conditions associated with the type of pain you described are provided. 

This online tool may be beneficial for persons with chronic pain to improve their quality of life and the state of their health.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

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