Steps to Better Health Spotlight: Walk With Ease

The Walk With Ease program is designed to help individuals stay active in order to comfort joints and relieve arthritis pain. It consists of a basic workout regimen, which may seem scary; however, Walk With Ease is very friendly to those just starting or re-starting physical activity programs. It involves a basic warm-up followed by the main exercise (walking). The program ends each session with a cool down to help calm nerves and ease joint pressure. Walk With Ease is offered in a group setting with a trained instructor.  It is also offered in an independent format – the class is structured the same and you get the same materials, but you complete it on your own time.  You can sign-up for the independent format and still complete the sessions with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Why should you take this class?

Walk With Ease teaches you the basics of fitness and how to work out properly. There are three main parts to this program that all help increase physical activity and overall wellness. Walk With Ease eases pain associated with arthritis and joint stress. The best proven way to reduce arthritis pain is to be physically active. Those who complete the class may successfully decrease their daily suffering, while building new relationships and gaining a better understanding of proper exercise performance.

How do you participate in Walk With Ease?

You can contact your Regional Arthritis Center (RAC) to find out when the next in-person, group Walk With Ease class will be held near you.  Scheduled Walk With Ease classes coming soon include:

  • 10/27-12/5 (MWF), 9:30-10:30 am at Mizzou North (Columbia).  Call 573-882-8097 to register.
  • Check-out the Central Missouri RAC webpage for information on upcoming Walk With Ease group classes in Boonville, Jefferson City, Moberly, and Owensville.

To complete the individual at-home Walk With Ease program, contact your RAC to find out more information.  You can also sign-up for Walk With Ease – Individual online through the following RACs:

You can always call our state toll-free line at 1-888-702-8818 for more information.

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