Celebrating Our Volunteers

As we enter the second half of the Holiday season in the U.S., the Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program and its Regional Arthritis Centers would like to take a moment to celebrate and express our gratitude for our volunteers.  Whether you are a leader or trainer for a self-management or physical activity program as a requirement of your work, if you are a community member who volunteers your time because our programs have worked for you, or if you encourage your organization to continue partnering with us on the programs, we greatly appreciate all that you do!  The reason we are able to help so many Missourians take action as they find Steps to Better Health, is thanks to the work all of you do!  You make our jobs easier and we greatly appreciate the time and energy you commit to the cause of improving the quality of life and reducing symptoms related to chronic disease in Missouri.  If you have ever taken a class with us, or know one of our volunteers, please feel free to share your gratitude with your leader or trainer also!  From all of us here at MAOP, thank you all so much!

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