Prevent Falls Year-Round

Just because the fall season is coming to an end (winter solstice occurs on Sunday, December 21), that doesn't mean we can't still talk about Falls Awareness!  Falls Prevention Day occurred at the start of the season, September 23.  This national event provided many resources in communities across the United States, including here in Missouri with the Show Me Falls Free Missouri.  The winter season is another great time to talk about falls, as natural hazards and other fall risks may increase. 

One of the most important things to remember, is that falls are preventable.  Taking steps to fall-proof your home; asking for assistance from friends, family, and neighbors when wintry precipitation occurs; and increasing your physical activity are all ways that you can help prevent falls.  Go4Life from the National Institute on Aging has fact sheets on tips for preventing falls.  Physical activity in particular can help you to increase your strength and balance.  Go4Life also has a fact sheet on exercises to improve your balance.  Classes offered in Missouri specifically target balance and strength.  We offer the Walk With Ease program and an Exercise Program.  For more information on these programs and to register, check out our webpage

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