Resolve to take Steps to Better Health in 2015

As another year comes to a close, many of us are still trying to think about the perfect resolution to make for the New Year.  Others have resolved to not make a resolution they likely won't keep.  If you haven't made a resolution yet, try this out: I resolve to take Steps to Better Health in 2015. 

This could mean you'll finally take steps to lose some of that excess weight your doctor has been talking to you about for years.  It could mean you'll start taking steps to eating healthier.  Maybe you'll take steps to improve your physical fitness.  Better health for you could mean keeping better track of your medications or talking with family members about your health or making more of your doctor's appointments.  It could mean increasing your physical activity from one walk around the block to two.  Maybe you'll enroll in a community education class or start regularly trying the crossword to keep your brain healthy.

No matter the specific actions, we can all resolve to take Steps to Better Health in 2015.  At the beginning of each week, take 10 minutes to sit down and think about how you want to better your health that week.  Make your goal achievable and specific.  Be confident in your goal!  If you commit to doing one thing over the course of one week, you can be well on your way to a year of better health.  If you need more structured activities to improve your health, check out our group classes and programs that you can complete at home!
We wish you all a very happy start to the New Year and look forward to hearing of the Steps to Better Health you are taking in 2015!

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