Camine con gusto (Spanish WWE Materials)

Camine con gusto – Walk With Ease at-home Materials (in Spanish)

 Marketing Materials:

Walk Your Way to Good Health flyer (reference: English version)

Walk With Ease – Individual Fact Sheet (reference: English version)

*Participant Materials:

Participant Letter when sending Participant Release (reference: English version)

Participant Letter when sending Book (reference: English version)

Participant Letter – 6-week follow-up (reference: English version)

*All participant letters have a spot at the bottom for you to put your name.  You can insert a RAC header with contact information and/or Liz can help you add specific RAC contact information if you would like.

If you would like for the Camine con Gusto materials to be put on your online registration page, please let Liz know.

If you notice any changes that need to be made to the materials, or if there are any additional materials requested, please contact Liz.

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