CDC Report on the Impact of Arthritis and Multiple Chronic Conditions Released

Today, June 5, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their weekly public health information and recommendations report (MMWR, Vol. 64, No. 21); this report has information of note for the arthritis community.  As many of us with chronic conditions know, life can be more difficult when faced with one or more disease and its symptoms. 

In the report, Impact of Arthritis and Multiple Chronic Conditions on Selected Life Domains — United States, 2013, we learn that life is tougher for those with arthritis and its comorbidities.  Having a greater number of chronic conditions is linked with negative outcomes in lifestyle domains of psychological wellbeing, work, and social participation, especially if one of those chronic conditions is arthritis. Adults with arthritis and/or other chronic conditions can reduce these harmful outcomes by taking part in physical activity and self-management education programs. You can read the national report in full here.  Missouri specific resources related to the impact of arthritis and multiple chronic conditions will be posted here throughout the month.

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