Missouri Self-Management Program Leader Agreement

  • I understand that I will be authorized to teach Living a Healthy Life (the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program – CDSMP), Living a Healthy Life with Diabetes (the Diabetes Self-Management Program – DSMP), and/or Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain (the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program – CPSMP) only after I have attended all required days of leader training and am approved to do so by the Master Trainers.  Attendance of training(s) does NOT guarantee leader certification.
  • Self-Management Program trainings are only open to those who meet certain qualifications and who have been pre-screened and approved.  All applicants must complete the application form and receive confirmation of their approval to attend the leader training.  No walk-ins will be allowed into the training workshop(s).
  • I agree to co-facilitate one 6-week CDSMP workshop within six months following the leader training and a second workshop within a year of my training.
  • If I am becoming a DSMP and/or CPSMP leader, I agree to complete my first CDSMP 6-week workshop PRIOR to holding a DSMP and/or CPSMP 6-week workshop. I agree to co-facilitate at least one 6-week DSMP and/or CPSMP workshop within a year following my leader training (must hold one in each program if cross-training in both).
  • I understand that Regional Arthritis Center staff will ask me to submit proposed dates for my workshop(s) prior to attending the training.
  • In order to keep my certification as a CDSMP leader, I agree to teach one 6-week workshop annually from the date of my training.
  • In order to keep my certification(s) as a DSMP and/or CPSMP leader, I agree to additionally teach one 6-week workshop (of each program) annually from the date of my cross-training(s).
  • I will co-lead with another trained leader for each program I am trained in.
  • I understand that the Self-Management Programs are heavily scripted and agree to teach in strict accordance with the program as written in the Self-Management Resource Center’s Leader Manual for each program. Furthermore, I agree not to offer personal advice, health advice, or medical advice. Nothing can be added to these programs.
  • I understand that guest speakers may not lead any part of the course.
  • I agree to ensure that workshops are held in facilities that are physically accessible to people with disabilities and have meeting rooms that are safe and comfortable.
  • I agree to partner with the Regional Arthritis Center Coordinator in my area for all workshops, including, but not limited to: submitting class information before a workshop is held, allowing the Regional Arthritis Center Coordinator and/or a Master Trainer to observe a workshop, and submitting paperwork in a timely manner.
  • I understand that as a Self-Management Program leader, I am a volunteer and not an employee of any Regional Arthritis Center. I further understand there is no fee for training time and materials at this time (due to federal grant funding), and there is no financial compensation for the training.  I may be responsible for my own transportation, lodging, and meals while attending this training.

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