Additional Documents for WWE (AF) Leader Trainings

These are for Walk With Ease Group leader trainings:

This form from the AF is to be used by individuals who would like to be a leader/instructor for Arthritis Foundation programs. It includes a Registration piece and a Statement of Understanding. 

It is also the form for all current leader/instructor certification.  AF program leaders are encouraged to teach a class series within 6 months of attending a leader training workshop and submitting class paperwork, including the Leader Certification Application, in order to complete the certification process.


Paperwork Submission:  Please submit all forms to your RAC Coordinator at the completion of each training.  Paperwork should be submitted in full, completed, and in a timely fashion.


Additionally, all WWE group Trainers should have the following completed:

  • Trainer agreement on file with AF
  • 60 day notice for all training in order to create registration website (email or phone call to Arthritis Foundation)

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