Overall EmotionEmotions (Haga clic aquí para recursos de emociones en español)

tools are helpful due to what often seems like a rollercoaster of
emotions that accompanies health problems.  Various emotions may be
experienced, including anger, sadness, stress and depression.

Please click on the below links to find specific tools for self-managing emotions:

Anger Managing Anger

    Stress Managing Stress

    Emotion Understanding Emotions 


This list, though thorough, is not
complete.  If you would like more suggestions on specific activities or
techniques for self-management and physical activities, please contact your Regional
Arthritis Center Coordinator
, or the Missouri Arthritis and
Osteoporosis Program

If you have self-management resources you would
like to be shared on this site, please contact the Missouri Arthritis and
Osteoporosis Program



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