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These tools can be beneficial to any and all individuals who take one or more medicines for their health condition(s).

       How to Read Drug Labels (DHHS – Office on Women’s Health)

      Online Help Guide to Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction (Recovery               Connection)

      Drug Side Effects, Interactions and Lawsuit Information (

Managing Your Medicines (with Tracker) (American Diabetes Association)

Managing Your Medicines (Click “Request a Sample”) (American Heart Association)

Arthritis Today Drug Guide (online interactive) (Arthritis Foundation)

Arthritis Today 2014 Drug Guide (by email) (Arthritis Foundation)

Arthritis Today 2014 Drug Guide (by mail) (Arthritis Foundation)

MedCard (Iowa Healthcare Collaborative)

MedCard for Your Wallet (American Chronic Pain Association)

My Daily Medications (North Carolina Program on Health Literacy)

Pharmacist CARE Card (American Chronic Pain Association)

How to Create a Pill Card (US DHSS – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Find Clinical Trials for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Healthline)

Medicines: Use Them Safely (NIH – National Institute on Aging)

Use Medicines Safely (

American Recall Center (American Recall Center)

NIH Senior Health: Taking Medications (NIH) Resources on: Medicines ( Resources on: Medicine Safety ( Resources on: Over-the-Counter Medicines ( Resources on: Relaxation Techniques (


This list, though thorough, is not complete.  If you would like more suggestions on specific activities or techniques for self-management and physical activities, please contact your Regional Arthritis Center Coordinator, or the Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program.

If you have self-management resources you would like to be shared on this site, please contact the Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program.



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