Online Registration (CDSMP) – Available Now!

We wanted to let you know of a new opportunity for participants to register for your Living a Healthy Life (CDSMP) courses.  Participants are now able to submit an online registration form from the Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis homepage ( or your Regional Arthritis Center webpage.

As a CDSMP leader, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity for participants to register online.

  1. Register your upcoming CDSMP courses on our website.  You and your co-leader should decide who will receive the online registrations.
  2. Once you have filled out the Leader Form for registration, the participant registration form will be posted on your RAC webpage within 7-10 business days.
  3. When you see your form on your RAC webpage, please start advertising it to prospective participants!

Please check out the documents below which may help you manage the online registration process!

FAQ – Online Registration Information for Leaders

Sample Tracking Spreadsheet (use to manage online and in-person registrations)

Participant Attendance Sheet (can use Roster to track participants who register in advance)

We have participants who may not prefer, or have the option, to use the internet for course registration.  Therefore, it will still be necessary to have an alternate format (paper registration, registration by phone, etc).  Participants only need to register using one format.

As an additional note, if you have participants in your CDSMP course that are interested in The Arthritis Toolkit and/or the Walk With Ease (Individual format) course, they are also now able to register for these online and will be contacted by the RAC upon submitting their contact information.

If you have questions about this new opportunity for participant registration, please contact your RAC coordinator.

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