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Many people are affected by one or more chronic health condition, such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.  There are also family members who act as a caregiver for these individuals.  Actively engaging in one’s health, through self-management techniques and physical activities, can help to improve quality of life.

The following tools can help reinforce information learned in self-management and physical activity courses.  These tools may be helpful in continuing to develop an individual plan for self-management of your condition(s).  Please click on the links below or tabs above to be taken to tool-specific pages.  (Haga clic aquí para Tomando control kit de herramientas)

Chronic Conditions

These tools provide information about chronic health conditions.  Clicking on the “Chronic Condition Information” link will provide you with basic information on having a chronic condition, while clicking on each of the 9 specific chronic problems below will provide more detailed information on living with those specific conditions.

These tools provide information about classes provided to individuals with chronic health conditions, or to their caregivers.  Classes offered cover topics of both self-management and physical activity.


These tools are helpful due to what often seems like a rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies health problems.  Various emotions may be experienced, including anger, sadness, stress and depression.

Fatigue Management

These tools can be helpful to individuals in their fatigue management.  Individuals with chronic health conditions may experience fatigue associated with their condition, or as a condition of its own (chronic fatigue syndrome).

Future Plans for Health Care

These tools provide information for individuals on how to establish personalized plans for future health care.  All individuals, including those with chronic illness, can designate health care plans early in their life and adjust as needed.

Healthy Eating

These tools offer tips for healthy eating in addition to links to healthy recipes.  Individuals with chronic health conditions may have special dietary restrictions requiring changes to their diet.


These tools can be beneficial to any and all individuals who take one or more medicines for their health condition(s).

Pain Management

These tools can be helpful to individuals who are attempting to manage their pain.  Pain can be associated with many chronic health conditions, and can sometimes come as a result of how multiple chronic health conditions interact.  Individuals with chronic health conditions may overlook or “work through” symptoms of pain in order to manage other aspects of their health.

Physical Activity

These tools help meet individuals with chronic health conditions where they are in regard to their physical activity level.  Whether just beginning physical activity for the first time, or as an individual who is wanting to maintain their level of physical activity, these tools can help you be physically active.


These tools are especially beneficial because they provide the means to identify specific actions and goals to help manage chronic health conditions as well as life generally.  Setting specific goals to help problem solve is an effective tool toward self-management.

Working with Health Professionals

These tools can assist individuals in having effective, productive conversations with healthcare professionals.  It is important to get all members of your health care team on the same page and to be able to clearly communicate what your needs are regarding your health.

Self-Management Resources for Caregivers

These tools are specifically designed for caregivers of individuals who have one or more chronic health condition.  Caregivers often have similar concerns arise as those who have a chronic health condition, including stress, a range of emotions (including anger), and concerns with how to communicate with healthcare professionals.

Self-Management Resources for Professionals

These tools are specifically designed for healthcare professionals who specifically work with individuals who have chronic health conditions.

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