Steps to Better Health Active Leader List Updated

Do you ever need a sub?  Are you looking for a co-leader in your area?  Would you like to partner with other organizations who provide physical activity and self-management programs?  Now it’s easier than ever to locate course leaders near you!

An updated list of course leaders is available on the Leader Resource page in both Excel and PDF formats.  Don’t worry, the Leader Resource page and its contents are password protected, so your information isn’t available to the world!  Don’t have a password yet?  Contact your RAC Coordinator to obtain the username and password.

The list in the Excel format allows you to save it to your desktop and re-sort the list (i.e. sort by name, city, county, organization, RAC, etc).


If you find missing or incomplete information by your name on the list, please contact your RAC and/or the Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program office ([email protected]) to get your contact information updated.  Can’t find yourself on the list?  Contact your RAC to determine what steps need to be taken to become an active leader again!

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