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Working with Health Professionals (Haga clic aquí para recursos de trabajando con profesionales de la salud en español)


These tools can assist individuals in having effective, productive conversations with health care professionals.  It is important to get all members of your health care team on the same page and to be able to clearly communicate what your needs are regarding your health.

How to Talk to Your Doctor or Nurse (DHHS – Office on Women’s Health)

Communicating Effectively with Health Care Professionals (National Family Caregivers Association)

BoneSense on Talking with Your Doctor(American Bone Health)

Talking with Your Doctor: A Guide for Older People (NIH – National Institute on Aging)

Talking with Your Doctor: Powerpoint Presentation (NIH – National Institute on Aging)

Talking with Your Doctor: Presentation Handouts (NIH – National Institute on Aging)

High Blood Pressure – Medicines to Help You (Guide) (DHHS – FDA Office on Women’s Health)

Talking with the Doctor: Take Charge of Your Health (

The Conversation Project (Institute for Healthcare Improvement)

10 Things to Discuss with Your Doctor (The SCAN Foundation)

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Map (American Chronic Pain Association)

Preparing for Your Health Care Visit (American Chronic Pain Association)

Information on Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace (Cover Missouri)

Follow-Up from Your Visit (American Chronic Pain Association)

Questions Are the Answer: Better Communication. Better Care. (U.S. DHHS – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) Resources on: Doctors ( Resources on: Health Communications ( Resources on: Patient Education ( Resources on: Quality of Care ( Resources on: Talking to Your Doctor (


This list, though thorough, is not complete.  If you would like more suggestions on specific activities or techniques for self-management and physical activities, please contact your Regional Arthritis Center Coordinator, or the Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program.

If you have self-management resources you would like to be shared on this site, please contact the Missouri Arthritis and Osteoporosis Program.



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